Overheard in San Francisco

Everyone knows San Francisco is the quirky city by the bay, but I heard some strange things while I was there.

Dang raccoons

[Possible homeless woman approaches me, my husband and my mom as we walk on the sidewalk.]

Woman: Have you seen any raccoons? (This is particularly funny because my husband hates raccoons for some reason.)

Husband: No, not today.

Woman: But you have seen them?

Husband: No, sorry.

Woman: Okay, thanks!

That was one of the best sidewalk interactions we had in San Francisco.

The Presidio, San Francisco

Oh, children…

[Kid, about 7 years old, riding the 5L bus with his mom and younger sister toward Golden Gate Park.]

“Mom, make up a joke to send to Dad. Here’s one: Why did the bus go through the red light? Because there was no red light!”

Reminds me of a Louis CK joke about a joke his daughter made up.

Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Sing it, Elton

[A man walked by us on Pier 39, where a tour boat called Rocket Boat was docked, singing to the tune of “Rocket Man.”]

“Rocket booooaaattt…cruising on the bay like every day…”

And that was the best thing that happened on Fisherman’s Wharf.

Telegraph Hill, San Francisco

Decisions, decisions

[A couple walked by us at the Ferry Building Farmers’ Market debating one of life’s important questions.]

“Should we get a little thing of potatoes or a thing of little potatoes?”

I would have gone with little potatoes.

Ferry Building, San Francisco

I’m not a big talker; I can easily go all day without speaking a word to another human being. I much prefer listening, and I’m so glad I caught these gems during my trip.