Recently read: ‘100 Places Every Woman Should Go’

New York City. Morocco. Brazil. If you’re looking for travel inspiration, this is it.

I purchased 100 Places Every Woman Should Go from a used book store and even though it’s a bit old (published in 2007) it doesn’t fail to induce wanderlust.

100 Places Every Woman Should Go

This isn’t a guidebook, although it does have some practical information like tour recommendations, addresses, and must-sees. Each chapter is based on a specific location or theme, like “Famed Chocolate Sites.” I liked to pick it up at random and see which location I landed on, kind of like jabbing my finger at a spinning globe.

While some of the places featured didn’t sound enjoyable to me, it does include a wide variety of countries and activities to please every traveler, from shopaholics and spa-seekers to nudists and hikers.

This would be a good gift or coffee table book to flip through (though I do wish it had more photos!).


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